Patent Filed

Image Creating Apparatus and Methods of Use

We just finished filing our major US patent, Application number 12/211042 and International PCT Application number PCT/US08/76566. Until now we were protected by the provisional patent application 60/973040, which will go public in about 6 months.

One of the patent figures

This impressive 28 page document attempts to go wide and broad, carefully protecting both the device and the method. Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the most interesting bits and pieces until we hear back from USPTO. All I can say, the last three figures of the patent application make my heart beat a little faster every time I look at them.

Our First Customers

Pictures of the good people at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH presented us the opportunity to find our first loyal customers. They are artists, designers, corporate executives and academics. Thank you all very much for your enthusiastic support at the conference, for your beautiful designs and great suggestions.

The rest of the images: (more…)

fxguide features OnLatte, Inc.

Yet another video coverage at SIGGRAPH

fxguide, the number one information source for high-end visual effects professionals, provided great coverage of SIGGRAPH 2008 in multiple episodes. Episode #31 covered some of the new technologies, including OnLatte, Inc., 12 minutes into the video. Great episode, and toward the end you get to see the latest version of the Latte Art Machine prototype in action.

Aug 16, 2008 – Coverage from SIGGRAPH 2008 continues with a look at announcements from Autodesk and eyeon, as well as having fun killing time in the new technologies exhibit.

You can see other episodes here.