Our First Customers

Pictures of the good people at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH presented us the opportunity to find our first loyal customers. They are artists, designers, corporate executives and academics. Thank you all very much for your enthusiastic support at the conference, for your beautiful designs and great suggestions.

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fxguide features OnLatte, Inc.

Yet another video coverage at SIGGRAPH

fxguide, the number one information source for high-end visual effects professionals, provided great coverage of SIGGRAPH 2008 in multiple episodes. Episode #31 covered some of the new technologies, including OnLatte, Inc., 12 minutes into the video. Great episode, and toward the end you get to see the latest version of the Latte Art Machine prototype in action.

Aug 16, 2008 – Coverage from SIGGRAPH 2008 continues with a look at announcements from Autodesk and eyeon, as well as having fun killing time in the new technologies exhibit.

You can see other episodes here.

The Connector

In Malcom Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point” there is a description of a person called a connector. Basically this person knows a lot of people and inherently tries to link people together. At SIGGRAPH that man for us was Joshua Pines (sorry Joshua but I can’t find a better link for you), and Onlatte is extremely grateful to have met him. Joshua is the VP of Imaging Research & Development at Technicolor and is a pioneer in visual effects for films. This man seemed to know everyone at SIGGRAPH and, at times, he was literally directing traffic to our booth. We had at least a hundred people come by and this was the typical conversation:

Attendee: “Oh, so this is the Latte Art Printer booth. One of the smartest guys that I know who I deeply respect told me to come by.”

OnLatte: “Wait, let me quess. Was that guy Josh Pines?”

Attendee: “Yes!”

Being able to meet Josh Pines at the conference was a remarkable experience and will serve as a reminder as to what we need to do as we develop new versions of the printer. Thank you again, Josh, for your enthusiasm and support at SIGGRAPH.


Josh (not Pines)

P.S – One other person that we would also like to mention was Henry Santos who was a regular at our booth, and is truly one of the nicest guys you could meet. If you ever need a character animator please look him up at www.sitesantos.com. Thanks Henry!

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