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Cari Tuna writes up on Latte Art

We are very happy to announce that OnLatte has made a page 1 article on the Wall Street Journal! Journal reporter Cari Tuna has written a fun article on Latte Art, and Lex was featured in both the article and the video. Here is a link to the article “Foam Sweet Foam: ‘Latte Art’ Heats Up in Home Kitchens“, and below is a little snippet from the article:

“Not everyone wants to suffer for their art. After seeing a latte-art video, Oleksiy Pikalo, a 31-year-old electrical engineer from Somerville, Mass., decided there had to be an “engineering approach.” Using a kit and spare parts found on eBay, he built a programmable computer printer that stamps designs — such as words or corporate logos — on foamed drinks in edible brown ink. One design shows a kingly figure saying, “Can your latte do this?”

Mr. Pikalo presented his invention at a national computer-graphics conference this week and has started a company, OnLatte, to sell his machine, at a tentative price of $1,500. His YouTube video has drawn more than 818,000 views and 2,500 comments.”

Now, while there is a bit of inaccuracy in the article (we haven’t finalized a price for the units yet), it is a great article that shows the Latte Art community. The best part, however, is the video which really shows the machine in action and how it compares to traditional Latte Art techniques:

We are very excited about this press coverage, and it just further validates our vision.

Hanging with Gizmodo

OnLatte on Gizmodo

Lex and I had a great time hanging out with Chris Mascari of Gizmodo today, and he took a turn printing out a custom logo. Seems like a fun line of work (although timing it seems like timing is everything) and Chris was a great sport throughout. Here is a link to his post on Gizmodo, and here is a photo of him and his creation.

Thanks Chris!


On the Beeb

OnLatte on the BBC!

On Monday, the BBC stopped by and did nice little spot on the Latte Art printer that we have on display at SIGGRAPH ’08. We aren’t too sure when the spot will be aired yet, but they said it will mostly likely be on the Thursday evening news. We will update the post when we know more information, and when it’s on

Here are some photos of the shoot:

Lex setting up for the BBC shoot

Lex setting up for the BBC shoot

BBC Final Design

BBC design

BBC correspondent at work

BBC correspondent at work

Stay tuned!