Demo Session at Future Forward

OnLatte speaks at executive retreat

On November 19th, OnLatte will give a Demo Session talk at the invite-only executive retreat for the Future Forward conference.

According to their website:
“Future Forward explores the ways that innovative technologies are developed, and then deployed effectively in the real world. Since 2001, we’ve brought together New England’s top CIOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and investors for unvarnished conversations about creating competitive advantage and achieving breakout success.”

Thanks to an invite from FF founder, and Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner, OnLatte will be speaking about how the company was founded and its plans for the future. Afterward, during the cocktail reception, we will set up the printer and print the conference sponsor’s logo on Guinnesses for the guests.

We are extremely honored to be invited to this event, and being able to receive feedback from New England’s top executives and VCs is an incredible opportunity for our company. Who knows, maybe we will run into an investor with extra cash burning a hole in his/her pocket.

fxguide features OnLatte, Inc.

Yet another video coverage at SIGGRAPH

fxguide, the number one information source for high-end visual effects professionals, provided great coverage of SIGGRAPH 2008 in multiple episodes. Episode #31 covered some of the new technologies, including OnLatte, Inc., 12 minutes into the video. Great episode, and toward the end you get to see the latest version of the Latte Art Machine prototype in action.

Aug 16, 2008 – Coverage from SIGGRAPH 2008 continues with a look at announcements from Autodesk and eyeon, as well as having fun killing time in the new technologies exhibit.

You can see other episodes here.

PBS Episode- Shoot for Make TV

OnLatte, Inc. on National Public Television in January

A few weeks back, the Latte Art Machine was filmed for an upcoming episode of Make: Television. Make: Television is a new program that will be nationally syndicated on PBS and is produced by MAKE:.

Setting up the shot for Make TV Lex in action with the Latte Art Printer

For this shoot, Lex and I met at the apartment of the camera man, Jason. Along with him was Emily Goldberg who was in charge of making it happen. Jason and Emily filmed several takes of the Latte Art Printer in action and interviewed Lex about the invention. According to Emily, Make: Television will be airing around the New Year so we will keep you updated about when you can check it out.

To see what an episode of Make Television is like, have a look at the highlights from the first episode:

What is Make Television? Each week, Make: television shows the best projects from Makers who submit their videos, a segment of the show called Maker Channel. This segment features the videos made by Makers themselves – a showcase of the “best of the best” of YouTube-style videos.

So, if you’ve built something inspired, useful, imaginative, ingenious, or just plain clever, share your genius with the world. Produce a one to three minute long video that shows the best thing that you’ve made and send it here.

How did we got on the show? Make Magazine blog was the first venue to pick up on my original YouTube video. Shortly after the post on Make blog, I got a call from the Creative Director of Make:TV, exploring the opportunity of filming our Latte Art Machine. Soon, we scheduled the time for the filming of the short episode in Boston. I hope it comes out all right, since I was high on coffee / low on energy toward the end of the interview. казино европа.