Gearing Up for ROFLThing NYC

OnLatte to mix it up with Internet Celebrities

It’s good to be back in New York City, and OnLatte is making an appearance at a small, eclectic, but very cool conference founded by a team of Harvard students called ROFLCon (Rolling on the Floor Laughing). I am super excited to meet some of the movers and shakers in the industry such as the Obama Girl, Charlie Todd, and Funny or Die, and will definitely network with the crowd for tips on how the build the video section of our site. But today isn’t all fun and play since we will be serving lattes with some rather unusual images. I will update the site with photos and videos from the show so please check back every 5 minutes or so 🙂

OnLatte is Heading to the Inauguration

We are hired for a private party on the Parade Route

It’s official!  OnLatte has won a contract to provide our beverage service for a private party on Jan. 20th, 2009.  It turns out the organizers were impressed with our Obama image, and have requested us to do inauguration themed designs for the party goers.  According to our contacts at the event we are at a prime location overlooking the parade route on Pennsylvania Ave in between the Capitol Building and the Whitehouse.  This is a big achievement for OnLatte, and we are very excited to be part of such a monumental event.  We will update the site with photos and video, so make sure to bookmark us and check back soon.

The Field Pub – Dec. 29th 2008

OnLatte hosts a Meetup in Central Square Cambridge

After talking with many of you about potential applications and settings for the Latte Art Printer it dawned on us that in this day and age we have access to an incredible to tool that will allow us to create an environment for people to gather, socialize and engage with this new medium that we are creating.  that tool is  Meetup is an amazing site that makes it very easy to create a topic, and find a venue for, well, meeting up.  Thus, OnLatte is going to host a series of events at pubs and coffee shops to push the vision of beverage art and promotion into reality.  Our first meetup is an at a bar called The Field in Central Sq Cambridge, MA, and for each half hour until 10pm we will feature a new image for printing and disussion.  Below is a link to the details of the event, and please sign up so that we can create art in a way that never has been done before.

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