Let’s Bring Some More Light to Uganda

OnLatte is proud to help Net Impact meet their goal

For all of you who are in the Boston area, you need to come down to the Revolution Rock Bar on Friday Jan 30th starting at 7pm and support a great cause.  Net Impact Boston is hosting an event to help raise money for MBAs without Borders to bring sustainable, clean and renewable light to remote villages in Uganda.  This will help give children improved school conditions as well as reduce the reliance on dangerous kerosene lamps.  When Net Impact asked us to help them out, we jumped at the opportunity, and we can’t wait to pitch in.  We will be doing Net Impact’s logo, but will also allow people to bring their own images that we will take photos and videos of and post to our site.  There will not be a charge to get a printing on your beverage, but tips will would be appreciated.  Check that, tips will be strongly encouraged.

You can find more details at http://project15k.org.

Everyone Must Go to the Next ROLFThing

OnLatte has fun mixing it up in NYC

When a member of ROLFCon first mentioned ROFLThing to us I didn’t know what to expect and frankly was a bit skeptical on how the event would turn out. Having attended the event last weekend I can unequivocally say that ROFLThing rocks and we are extremely grateful for being invited. In fact, it was a humbling experience for me to see how much more work we need to do to keep up with such a fast pace and innovative crowd.  However, we did meet some great people that we intend to keep in touch with, but let’s spend some time talking about the event

We arrived about an hour before registration started, setup our station at the bar in the basement, and within a few minutes we had a long queue of people waiting for lattes.

This lasted for the whole 6 hours of the conference which left us pretty exhausted at the end. Even though we only got to see a couple of the speakers, we met most of the conference as they either ordered a latte or stopped by to visit the station.  My favorite was the Tron Guy (see above), Steve Garfield, and the event organizer’s (Tim Hwang) Mom who got a kick out of seeing her son’s image on a latte.

I don’t think that I have photos of all of the images, but needless to say there was an interesting/disturbing mix. A big thanks to everyone involved with ROFLThing, and I hope that we will get invited back to future events. I will leave you with some comments from Steve Garfield, and please check out our photos on facebook as well.

Inauguration Event Post Coming Soon!

I wanted to give a quick update that I am furiously working on creating a post commemorating the Inauguration VIP private party that we did on Jan 20th.  It was quite a wild weekend, and in order to completely capture the mood, I will be writing a long post detailing the events from the weekend and the Inauguration day itself.  Sorry for the delay, but there is a lot of content, and so many things to say.  Please check back frequently, and here are a couple images to wet the appetite.