A glimpse into the future

It has always been Lex’s vision to be able to create a new artistic medium with the Latte Art Printer by walking into your local coffee shop and expressing yourself on a specialty coffee. One of the great things about SIGGRAPH is that we have the ability to test how the consumer will use the product, and fortunately our booth was next to Starbucks to make it happen. What you see below is a custom design on Johannes Behr’s latte that he purchased next door.

Sorry for the poor photo quality, but I hope you start to see the intent and vision behind this product. Next stop: time to raise some funding to make it happen.



It works on so many levels

Noodle on this one

This is one of my favorite photos that Lex and I have ever been in. Take a second to look and see if you can figure out why it is great:

Our Latte Machine at Work

Give up? Okay, let’s break it down:

1. As you can see, there is a lovely image printed on a cup of Java by the Latte Art Printer.

2. Hey cool! It’s the Java logo.

3. Whoa, wait a minute! It’s James Gosling the father of the Java programming language!

Around lunch time, Mr. Gosling stopped by our New Tech Demo booth at Siggraph ’08 and we had a blast showing off the printer and chatting with him for a while. My personal favorite was listening to him and Lex go back and forth on the nitty gritty technology about how the printer is built; and the stories of past projects he was involved in. It was truly great meeting; such a gracious and supportive man, and we can’t thank him enough for taking the time. Who knows, maybe we will meet him at the next JavaOne conference and … Okay, not going to finish that joke :)

Here is James Gosling’s weblog and we are on it!