Our First Customers

Pictures of the good people at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH presented us the opportunity to find our first loyal customers. They are artists, designers, corporate executives and academics. Thank you all very much for your enthusiastic support at the conference, for your beautiful designs and great suggestions.

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Selected works at SIGGRAPH 2008

Designs from the first two days at the conference

Designs that were a hit

In short time we will be uploading all of the photos from SIGGRAPH, but we would like to highlight a couple of designs that were a hit at our booth. The first drew a very large crowd and opened many debates on the true meaning of Latte Art. For this design we took a picture of ???? (Help us Josh Pines since I didn’t grab her card) on the spot and then printed it on a latte. The response was overwhelming and it was great to make it happen.

Both Lex and I agree that the best free hand design (we had a stylus at the booth) was done by Irene Strychalski. Not only is it a great sketch, but it really proves the point that we are not only trying to create a great printer, but also establish a new artistic medium.

Irene's Kitten

Irene's Kitten