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Sorry for the hasty post, but I am about to board a plane and wanted to post a link to an article written by Scott Kirsner in this Sunday’s Boston Globe. The article is so well written that I really do not need to say more. Enjoy!

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The Field Pub – Dec. 29th 2008

OnLatte hosts a Meetup in Central Square Cambridge

After talking with many of you about potential applications and settings for the Latte Art Printer it dawned on us that in this day and age we have access to an incredible to tool that will allow us to create an environment for people to gather, socialize and engage with this new medium that we are creating.  that tool is  Meetup is an amazing site that makes it very easy to create a topic, and find a venue for, well, meeting up.  Thus, OnLatte is going to host a series of events at pubs and coffee shops to push the vision of beverage art and promotion into reality.  Our first meetup is an at a bar called The Field in Central Sq Cambridge, MA, and for each half hour until 10pm we will feature a new image for printing and disussion.  Below is a link to the details of the event, and please sign up so that we can create art in a way that never has been done before.

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Even though we are still in the early stages of manufacturing the first line of printers, we have received a surprising number of inquiries from all over the world to purchase units.

To efficiently capture these requests, we created a pre-order form so that no one misses out.

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