Hello. My name is Oleksiy Pikalo. I live in Boston where I founded OnLatte, Inc.

About Us

We are a private start-up company specializing in decorating lattes. You got it right: we make industrial robot machines that do nothing but pretty up tasty beverages.

Way, Way Back

I made the first latte art machine in 2007, published a short video and moved on to other projects. It was during this time that I submitted a New Tech Demo proposal to SIGGRAPH and started a semi-serious, short-lived blog posting online about building up latte art machines, which you can still find here

Exciting Days

After the smashing success of the video and my demo acceptance at the conference, I formed a company and received the title of a founder of the newly formed OnLatte, Inc.

About This Site

We will be describing the details and the steps it takes to push the idea forward from the YouTube concept video into the revenue-generating venture. This is the place we'll show off our progress, the details of the ongoing projects and interesting media references.

Site Specs

This site uses Wordpress 4.9.10 and a custom built theme inspired by Lokesh Dhakar.

Current Work

We are looking for:

  • Venture capital to take this technology to the next level.
  • Talented mechanical and electrical engineers familiar with printing technology.
  • Top notch sales people with expertise here in USA and in European, Asian, Australian, New Zealand.

We may take custom build order requests for one-of-a-kind design prototypes on per-case basis.

We are interested in showing off our current prototype at trade shows and conferences to generate initial cash flow.

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