Let’s Bring Some More Light to Uganda

OnLatte is proud to help Net Impact meet their goal

For all of you who are in the Boston area, you need to come down to the Revolution Rock Bar on Friday Jan 30th starting at 7pm and support a great cause.  Net Impact Boston is hosting an event to help raise money for MBAs without Borders to bring sustainable, clean and renewable light to remote villages in Uganda.  This will help give children improved school conditions as well as reduce the reliance on dangerous kerosene lamps.  When Net Impact asked us to help them out, we jumped at the opportunity, and we can’t wait to pitch in.  We will be doing Net Impact’s logo, but will also allow people to bring their own images that we will take photos and videos of and post to our site.  There will not be a charge to get a printing on your beverage, but tips will would be appreciated.  Check that, tips will be strongly encouraged.

You can find more details at http://project15k.org.

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