Demo Session at Future Forward

OnLatte speaks at executive retreat

On November 19th, OnLatte will give a Demo Session talk at the invite-only executive retreat for the Future Forward conference.

According to their website:
“Future Forward explores the ways that innovative technologies are developed, and then deployed effectively in the real world. Since 2001, we’ve brought together New England’s top CIOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and investors for unvarnished conversations about creating competitive advantage and achieving breakout success.”

Thanks to an invite from FF founder, and Boston Globe columnist Scott Kirsner, OnLatte will be speaking about how the company was founded and its plans for the future. Afterward, during the cocktail reception, we will set up the printer and print the conference sponsor’s logo on Guinnesses for the guests.

We are extremely honored to be invited to this event, and being able to receive feedback from New England’s top executives and VCs is an incredible opportunity for our company. Who knows, maybe we will run into an investor with extra cash burning a hole in his/her pocket.

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