You did what with a Guinness?

OnLatte does the first image printing on a Guinness!

First Guinness Prints!

Many of you have seen bartenders draw a clover Shamrock in the foam of a Guinness (boring), but we decided to take it a step further and print the first images on a Guinness with our Latte Art Printer.  In honor of the upcoming elections, my friend Jane and I decided to print the nearby images on a Guinness.  It was then I realized, that we were actually making history as well!

This also has spawned a new service that we are planning on rolling out for pubs who want to shake things up a little. Think about it. What better way is there to break the ice and muster up the courage to chat with the person you are eyeing at the end of the bar? “Excuse me ma’am, but I couldn’t help but notice that you have something printed on your beverage…”

Please feel free to send us any comments if there are images you would like to see.  Better yet, give us a call (+1 617-401-8707) or sign up on our website for your next party and we will guarantee that your guests will have something to talk about!

Jan 07, 2009

Its called a Shamrock, not a clover, Also don’t let me hear you Americans call St Patricks Day St Pattys Day. Another thing Irish coffee should be called Gaelic coffee.

Jan 07, 2009

Good point Raphael, and this post will be amended. Sorry for the mix-up. Since we are on the topic of clarifications, why is it that most native Irishmen here in Boston where black socks with running shoes when at the gym? If you are ever in Boston, please give us a ring so we can raise a pint!

Jan 07, 2009

Excellent! Though, shouldn’t the one on the right be on the Left, while the one on the left should be to the Far Right? 🙂

Jan 07, 2009

Ha! Very true. Maybe I should have drawn a line down the middle, with Obama hovering closer.

Jan 08, 2009

Thanks Josh for the lovely offer but alas I live in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK.

I cannot help you on the black sock issue, but recall when I was a young lad in lodgings not having access to washing machines then a black sock did not look as grey as a white sock when you hand washed it.

Happy new year to all you lovely people over the pond.

Jan 10, 2009


Thanks for the wishes and likewise to you and your family. I guess the black sock issue will remain a mystery 🙂

Feb 01, 2009

Forgive me for bringing up an old post, but…

How is a shamrock boring? A shamrock is drawn on a Guinness because it is Irish.

Drawing the two AMERICAN presidential hopefuls on a Guinness is insulting to the Irish (being that Guinness is manufactured ONLY there).

Feb 01, 2009

Call it a clover if you want! And Irish people call it St. Paddy’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. And we hardly ever refer to ourselves or anything about us as “Gaelic” – we are Irish, we speak Irish and the coffee is most certainly Irish 🙂 Can’t help you with the black socks though….

Feb 01, 2009


Feel free to post away. My intent that the shamrock itself isn’t boring, but rather the process in which the bartender makes the image in the foam. Sure it is a skill, but isn’t it cool to be able to print any image you want? Perhaps the barkeeps can now learn photoshop to get better designs.

I do agree with you that we should include Irish politicians to respect the integrity of where this supreme beverage is made. Do you have any suggestions who I should print?

Feb 01, 2009

Raphael… please never call Irish coffee, Gaelic coffee… And also while we’re on the point, never call the Irish language, Gaelic. I have never spoken Gaelic in my life but I do speak Irish (Gaeilge) daily. Just stumbled across this site, just need to leave my two cents.

Enjoy your booze, I know I do!

Feb 01, 2009

“Drawing the two AMERICAN presidential hopefuls on a Guinness is insulting to the Irish (being that Guinness is manufactured ONLY there”,

sorry but found this one the guinness website: “GUINNESS® beer is available in well over 100 countries worldwide and is brewed in almost 50.”

Feb 03, 2009

To be perfectly honest, Irish people right now have more respect for Obama than 99% of our own politicians! Obama has relatives FROM here! (Moneygall, Co Offaly)

And I love the idea of this – it’s fun! I’m not insulted in the least that you have American figures on Guinness, speaking as a born & bred Irish person. It’s witty and artistic – not a slur on Ireland. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Feb 03, 2009

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Feb 03, 2009


Thanks for the kind words, and we definitely will keep movie forward. If we are stop by Ireland to do some printings I will make sure to give you a call and invite you for a decorated Guinness. What parts of Ireland are you in?


Apr 25, 2009

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