PBS Episode- Shoot for Make TV

OnLatte, Inc. on National Public Television in January

A few weeks back, the Latte Art Machine was filmed for an upcoming episode of Make: Television. Make: Television is a new program that will be nationally syndicated on PBS and is produced by MAKE:.

Setting up the shot for Make TV Lex in action with the Latte Art Printer

For this shoot, Lex and I met at the apartment of the camera man, Jason. Along with him was Emily Goldberg who was in charge of making it happen. Jason and Emily filmed several takes of the Latte Art Printer in action and interviewed Lex about the invention. According to Emily, Make: Television will be airing around the New Year so we will keep you updated about when you can check it out.

To see what an episode of Make Television is like, have a look at the highlights from the first episode:

What is Make Television? Each week, Make: television shows the best projects from Makers who submit their videos, a segment of the show called Maker Channel. This segment features the videos made by Makers themselves – a showcase of the “best of the best” of YouTube-style videos.

So, if you’ve built something inspired, useful, imaginative, ingenious, or just plain clever, share your genius with the world. Produce a one to three minute long video that shows the best thing that you’ve made and send it here.

How did we got on the show? Make Magazine blog was the first venue to pick up on my original YouTube video. Shortly after the post on Make blog, I got a call from the Creative Director of Make:TV, exploring the opportunity of filming our Latte Art Machine. Soon, we scheduled the time for the filming of the short episode in Boston. I hope it comes out all right, since I was high on coffee / low on energy toward the end of the interview.

Aug 20, 2008

That’s great, I’m so glad you’re going to be on the show!

Aug 20, 2008

JP, thanks for the comment, and link from your blog. Also congrats on your spot on the first episode as well! I must admit you looked like a pro in that clip, and you should consider hosting your own show. If you do, can OnLatte have a little segment? 🙂 Let’s keep in touch.


Jan 04, 2009

Seems this is a secret.

PBS lists nothing on their website to help us find when we can watch it.



Jan 05, 2009

Mac, I agree that it seems a little secretive. We haven’t gotten final word when the episode will air. We will make sure to make another post when we find out.

May 01, 2009

Highly intereted in a show about inventions!! Please email me anyone when there is word as to the date and time of the airing. thetallq@yahoo.com

Jun 22, 2009

I hope it comes out all right, since I was high on coffee / low on energy toward the end of the interview…

Jun 25, 2009

I saw the show the other day on WYIN, the PBS station for NW Indiana. They showed how to tear apart a Wii controller and adapt it to register G-forces like on a rollercoaster. Now how COOL is That?

Enjoy… Carl

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